Translating - Localising

We use language to communicate, from body language, facial expressions, verbal expressions. They are all steeped in our respective cultures.

Guy teaches French and English communication. He also translates / localises / transcreates from French into English.


I turn the original or source text into a mirror in the target language, keeping very close to the original.


I translate the text and make sure that elements from the original language and culture are expressed “as local” in the target language. Examples are currencies, regulations or time zones.


I take the meaning of the original text and rewrite it in the culture of the target language, with its logic, structure and points of reference. 

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What they say

" Réactivité, disponibilité, efficacité dans la prise en charge de nos différents contenus médicaux et lifestyle, Guy reste un partenaire de choix pour la traduction et localisation de texte. Son travail nous a permit de garantir la qualité de nos applications"
Julien - H4P

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