Guy Bondonneau

Guy Bondonneau

Guy is a Certified Intercultural Trainer and teacher of English and French as a foreign language.

Guy's passion is helping people to communicate, heard and unheard, seen and unseen, between people within the same group or of different groups. 

Guy brings a diversity of cultures and languages, French father and Swedish mother, growing up in Uruguay, studies in Zürich, works in what is now Bangladesh before arriving in the UK.

He brings to his practice different experiences he has acquired from a rich career path in Construction, Banking, Interior Design and Web Design.

From his childhood education and his personality Guy has a strong sense of empathy.

Imagination, another important tool in the intercultural toolkit. He uses creativity and lateral thinking to help exploring new ideas.



To have the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.


To rely on integrity, strength, ability, surety.


To have comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity.


To obtain a notable or successful result or response

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