Guy H. Bondonneau

Guy BondonneauGuy is an intercultural trainer and consultant.

His work is to help executives and managers, and their families, to have a positive professional and personal experience when relocating into a new country. He helps decode the intercultural complexities turning cultural diversity into an advantage and building bridges inside that diversity.

The knowledge Guy shares in his training stems from a lifetime intercultural experience, observation and reflection. He started young, with a Swedish mother and a French father. The family moved to Uruguay where he grew up. He then went to study in Zürich; he got his first job in Bangladesh before being recalled to France to do his military service.

Guy then moved to the UK, where he now lives. He has assimilated the British culture and the English language, always working in an international environment.

His particular focus in on the United Kingdom and building bridges with France and Latin America.



To have the quality of being outstanding or extremely good.


To rely on integrity, strength, ability, surety.


To have comprehensive knowledge or skill in a particular subject or activity.


To obtain a notable or successful result or response

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