I voted

One of my French students who recently acquired a French passport told me that he fulfilled his citizen’s duty and voted in the last French presidential elections. He was surprised though by the number of steps in the procedure.

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The dangers of stereotypes we are not aware of

First published on Argonaut website on 06.07.2021

I was having dinner in the hotel restaurant, a teenager in his blazer looking very European in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I was visiting business schools. A family a few tables away invited me over and to dinner at their home next day. I immediately created the stereotype that American people were most welcoming and friendly. Being my first experience with the Anglo-Saxon world, by inference, I extended it to all English-speaking people.

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I am concerned ...

I am concerned the #CoronaVirus #Covid19 has exposed in broad daylight the frailty of our social fabric.

I am concerned that nations, in the spirit of ‘my nation first’ are pulling up the drawbridge and building wall, which will slow down the re-starting of the economy once this pandemic is over.

I am concerned about the rise in intolerance and rejection of anyone not a member of the group.

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