What is wrong with stereotyping?

The conversation was lively and interesting. Our hostess had prepared a delicious dinner and served a good red wine with it.

We talked about London and how diverse and cosmopolitan its population is.  Almost inevitably, we classified the various populations into groups and used over-simplified and over-generalised descriptions to categorise them. In other words, we were using stereotypes.

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On Brexit...

Easter break is over and after a lull during which other topics topped the news, Brexit is coming back with a vengeance. The question remains: to leave or not to leave, with apologies to the Bard. And if leaving because of Brexit, by how much?

Business strategy needs certainty to plan ahead for medium- and long-term investments. Now that the can has found some more road to be kicked down on, the uncertainty continues. We hear from all quarters that companies must prepare, but prepare for what?

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La découverte de l’humour britannique

En arrivant en Grande-Bretagne, j'ai découvert la conduite à gauche. J'ai aussi découvert la numérotation de certaines rues comme Piccadilly qui défie tout sens logique.

Mais c’est l’humour britannique qui m’a le plus dérouté. Je ne crois pas être le seul à avoir trouvé qu'il peut être déroutant et frustrant. Les britanniques sont constamment dans l'humour et n’hésitent pas à s’en servir à chaque occasion, alors que dans d’autres cultures, il y a un temps et un lieu pour l’humour.

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